Virtual Event Ideas- Keep attendees entertained to the fullest!

It might be difficult to keep your team/friends/family connected these days, with social distancing measures influencing our personal and professional connections, and many firms changing from a traditional office location to a work-from-home model.

So, in this age of socially distant engagement, how can you keep your staff/loved ones engaged? It's not as difficult as you may assume. The options are endless with a little imagination and the aid of the internet!

Idea #1: Virtual Games

Virtual games have grown immensely popular since the pandemic as people try to have their minds engaged in something to drive the boredom away. TheMeetUpSG has planned such virtual games for our corporate clients which are Pictionary and Bingo. So, if you're looking for human connection but don't have much to say, try a friendly competition through games instead!

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Idea #2: Virtual Workshops

Yes, workshops can be conducted online too and you can still learn new skills! From candle-making to sewing to leather crafting, there are many virtual workshops you can attend to pick up some new skills. Workshops will also keep your attendees engaged yet able to have some fun.

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Idea #3: Virtual Entertainment

Coming up with new ideas to amuse event guests may be difficult. This is why getting virtual entertainment will save you a headache. Hire comedians to act out a mini skit or magicians to wow your audience or dance groups to dazzle your guests with their talents! This will leave a lasting impression on your guests

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Idea #4: Virtual Escape Room

A virtual escape room is much more than just a space to escape. During an online escape room, your event guests will be hostages who will explore their surroundings, look for clues, investigate leads, and piece together a puzzle to discover a way out. The best idea is to keep your guests entertained for a whole hour!

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Idea #5: Virtual Meditation

Your guests will be able to access deep inner reservoirs of zen with the assistance of a virtual meditation. They'll utilize an online connection to find an inner connection with the present being inside, whether it's through breath practice, traditional mindfulness, or posed-based meditations. Activate: Zen Mode!

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These are just some of our ideas to keep virtual audiences engaged. We hope this helps you when you are planning a virtual event! But if you are tired of planning, then you can always approach us to plan an amazing event for you 😉

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