Unique Entertainment To Incorporate In Events

It might be difficult to come up with innovative business event entertainment ideas that would appeal to guests. There are, however, a variety of solutions that will complement your main event program and provide attendees with unforgettable experiences. We've compiled a list of five inventive activities that you may put into action or use as a springboard for your own unique corporate event entertainment ideas. Learn how great event brands engage guests in entertaining, engaging activities and how you can adapt each concept to meet your specific objectives.

1. LED Tron Dance

This fresh and exciting dance will leave you and your guests mesmerized and awed! Highly-trained LED dancers push the boundaries of current technology with a completely pre-programmed, remote-controlled lighting system that generates lightning-fast lighting effects precisely synchronized to music and movement. This futuristic performance will lead you to shout a big WOO!

(Source : Skeleton Dance Crew)

2. LED Water Drums

This LED percussion show is a must-see, one-of-a-kind performance that features gorgeously lighted water jumping into the air in sync with the precision drumming. As the water shoots into the air, the drums are programmed to show a dazzling rainbow of colors that light each player, producing a mesmerizing visual impact.

(Source : Streets United)

3. Caricature Artist

This will be a memorable experience for all guests to capture the special, fun-filled event on paper with humour and creativity! Hire talented artists who will create humorous cartoon drawings for your guests to bring home a memento! This is one entertainment that is out-of-the-box yet often left out when planning a corporate event.

(Source: TRUiC)

We hope these suggestions have provided you with an idea of the out-of-the-box performances to have a memorable event. Remember to leave a comment or tag us if we’ve helped out, we would love to have you featured in our story! ✨

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