Unique and Interesting Themes for a Fun Event 🗓️

Are you throwing a 21st birthday party and you’re running out of cool ideas to entertain your friends? Do you need to spice up your corporate dinner so that your colleagues will have a blast at the event? Are you thinking of ways to make an event that is different and not like everyone else?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

More often than not, the theme of an event is what keeps the party going. Pick the right theme and your guests would have a real good time and remember you for hosting the best parties and events! Besides picking a theme, it is crucial to stay with the theme, from your decorations to food & drinks to music. Most importantly, your guests have to be spontaneous to dress to the theme.

1) Masquerade: Mask up!

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In line with the safety precautions with COVID-19, it could be a practical and interesting twist to wear masks as a form of accessory for the event. A masquerade theme gives off a mysterious aura and it can be a suitable cocktail event or even social gatherings.

If you’re keen on having this theme for your event, do check out the setup done by our team, TheMeetUpSG, by clicking this link. We have done a similar Masquerade themed setup as well and you won’t be disappointed!

2) Hogwarts: The Battle of Magic

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As a fan of Harry Potter myself, I have always dreamt of attending Hogwarts and sitting in The Great Hall! The event can have the tables and chairs arranged as in the movie and even serve the famous Butterbeer (which is actually non-alcoholic). Adding an element of fun, you can have the guests come dressed in the colour of the Hogwart house (Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin) that best represents them!

3) Lights, Camera, Action: Dress to the Nines

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Ever wanted to feel just like a celebrity? Wish you had the chance to attend a Gala and walk down a red carpet? Well, why not host a party for your guests to “Dress to Impress”! Bring out the fancy suits and dresses. Throw in some exquisite-looking glasses and champagne bottles. Deck the place out in gold decorations. Going along with the theme, you can even have a photo booth station that is decorated to look like a red carpet, with the bright studio lights.

4) Retro Throwback

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Let’s travel back in time! Enough with reminiscing the past, decorate the venue in retro prints and vintage polka dots. Play the ‘80s and ‘90s music to groove with beat. Go old-school with the polaroids and film cameras at the photobooth.

5) Tropical Vibes: Aloha!

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Dress in tropical attire and big straw hats! The event could have an overall Hawaiian theme with flower garlands and potted plants as decorations. Additionally, props such as surfboards and floats can be placed throughout the venue as cute photoshoot zones. This theme can be suitable for a simple party and even informal corporate events.

6) YEET: Living like the Millenials

(Source: Catch My Party)

In the world of memes and TikTok trends, a fun event that you can have at your parties or birthday would be to dress up with reference to popular trends and memes. It’ll be real fun to guess what everyone is dressed up as!

Need more ideas to make your events more fun and interesting? Hit TheMeetUpSG as your professional event planners for your corporate events and private parties!

For even more themes, check out our Pinterest MoodBoards for more ideas! Don’t forget to follow us @themeetupsg on Instagram for more behind-the-scenes and aesthetics of the events that we organise!

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