Top 3 Unique Team Building Activities To Choose

With Covid-19 rules easing, many employees are returning back to work but have you thought about how you as an employer/HR can smooth their transition back to work? Well, one effective way is definitely through engaging them through Team Building activities as they are fun and can help aid to bring together collaboration. But are you unsure of where to start to plan the activities? Fret not, as TheMeetUpSG is here to save you from your misery!

Activity #1: Art Jamming

Staff may be tired of all the usual problem-solving activities that may be forced to attend to but with Art Jamming, your staff will have fun and create positive bonds with each other! Everyone will have their own space and freedom to express themselves through art with the guidance of a facilitator. This is one artsy activity that you shouldn't give miss!

(Source : TheMeetUpSG - Smith & Nephew's KickOff Event 2022)

Activity #2: Bento Cake Decoration

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Catch on the latest trend in cake design with this cute and minimalistic Korean-trend inspired Bento Cakes. This sweet atmosphere allows colleagues to spend time and bond together whilst admiring everyone’s talents!

(Source : TheMeetUpSG Events - AIA Team Building Activity)

Activity #3: Jenga/Snake & Ladder

Old-school is never out of style 😎 The good ol’ game of Jenga and Snakes and Ladders, but now giant-sized makes the game even more nerve-racking! With 18 layers, the Giant Jenga blocks are 70 cm high and can even reach up to 1.5m making it more difficult than ever to win. Hiss Hiss away your troubles and climb up the joy ladder with these transformed, giant games! Watch this Insta Reel of our version of this fun game!

(Source : TheMeetUpSG Event - AIA Team Building Event)

We hope these activities have given you an idea of some unique team-building activities to involve your colleagues. Remember to leave a comment or tag us if we’ve helped out, we would love to have you featured in our story! ✨

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