Top 3 Trending Corporate Gifts

Have you planned a Dinner & Dance or a Company Anniversary Dinner but felt lost in the type of corporate gift to give your attendees? Well, you are not the only one and it definitely is a long list of items to choose from! However, over the years, we have gathered a few gifts that are worth the price and look luxurious too.

1. Wireless Charging Port

On average, people spend 5 to 6 hours on their phones daily which is sure to drain their battery, and thus this is an excellent gift to present to anyone! This built-in charger would not require any cable, making it more convenient to have a smoother charging experience. Your guests are sure to make the best use of this charging port!

(Source : Amazon.SG)

2. Personalized Coaster

Personalized walnut coasters with bespoke engraving. They're ideal for weddings, housewarmings, and anniversaries. Made from unique beech or walnut wood, laser etched, and completely handcrafted. This memorable gift is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests for years to come!

(Source : Amazon.SG)

3. Thumb Drive

A thumb drive is essential for any working individual; hence, this present would likely receive a 10 out of 10 on the practical scale. Thumb drives are also quite simple to personalize. Some even come in unusual shapes, so you can certainly find one to match your party's theme or discover vendors that can entirely customize the gadget's shape.

(Source : IPromo)

We hope these tips have been a helpful guideline for you to decide on a corporate gift for your guests. Remember to leave a comment or tag us if we’ve helped out, we would love to have you featured in our story! ✨

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