Top 3 Tips for Health and Safety During Events!

These past two years have taught us a great lesson on personal hygiene and health overall. We have learnt to be safe and healthy during the pandemic but this does not stop just there. Health and Safety is extremely important to uphold during events as well to ensure no one gets hurt! Here are some of our tips 👇🏻

Tip #1: Risk Assessment

Easily the most important checklist you need to have for every event! Having this checklist will help you identify potential risks and manage them prior to the event. Mitigating risks is of utmost importance for any event, hence, keep this checklist with you at all times! Do remember to advise your supporting staff on the Risk Assessment checklist as well and ensure everyone adheres to it.

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Tip #2: Be Hydrated if not be Dehydrated

Preparing for an event and attending the event itself can take up to 8 hours so you need to ensure that you have plenty of fluids in you. Always have a bottle of water with you to replenish yourself and to have your energy levels up! Keeping snacks or sweets with you can be an added advantage to make sure you are fit and healthy. Keep hydrated everyone!

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Tip #3: Keep your Belongings Away!

An event site is sure to be filled up with fallible items such as ladders, cranes, tables etc. And so, putting valuable items such as your phone or laptop near such items is not advisable. Whenever possible, keep your valuable items in your bag or in a safe place nearby. If that is not possible, ensure you keep them in your pockets or pass it to someone else for safekeeping. Trust us, you do not want to have a ladder dropping on your phone!

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We hope these tips have been a helpful guideline for you to carry out a hazard-free event. Remember to leave a comment or tag us if we’ve helped out, we would love to have you featured in our story! ✨

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