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Top 3 Original Immersed In The Dark Entertainments For Your Corporate Events!

Have you ever pondered what activities and entertainment would let your guests reminisce while still being adapted for a corporate event? Here are our 3 recommendations of immersed in the dark entertainments to light up your corporate nights.


1. Light painting booth

Want to spice up your classic photo booth? Let’s grab some lights and try something a bit crazier… A unique and kind of photo booth system that allows guests to create personalized artistic straits of light on the final picture! The guests enter a dark tent provided with illuminating props and are given several seconds to move and draw their wished figures. Creating words, figures or abstract drawings, everything is allowed to let the imagination express itself. Get your masterpiece printed out instantly to keep a memory of your shots!



2. Sand Art performance

Tired of seen and reviewed magician shows, let’s propose something else to raise the benchmark and amaze your guests! Let yourself be mesmerized by the talent of incredible artists creating from sand and curate a unique live stories for your entertainment. A highly impressive live performance allowed by the creation of a series of images using manipulation of sand by a professional.



3. Fairy Lights Floor

Create a unique dance floor for your guests! It makes the place so much more enchanting, paired up with a good DJ and playlist, your dance floor will be irresistible.
We hope this blog gives you some ideas to lighten your corporate events and will amaze your guests ! Feel free to tag us, share any comments and pictures if you have already had the chance to live these unique experiences.



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