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Tips To Be A Successful Start-Up

Being a start-up requires a driven group of individuals who are willing to work hard to make their company well known and successful one day. Despite hard work, there are just some certain problems that cannot be avoided as being a startup. In this blog, we will be discussing some of the problems TheMeetUpSG faced in their start-up years and how they overcame these challenges with their resilient attitudes.


When the word “start-up” is mentioned, the initial thought that comes on top of most people’s minds is ‘lack of money’. In this day, money is heavily relied on to get what we want. I am not denying this fact, because it is certainly true. Thus, you may be wondering “How did TheMeetUpSG grow so much during their start-up years?” Do keep in mind that the founders were just 18-year-olds when they just started. Just like most teenagers, Rosini and Darlene were surviving off their pay cheques from their part time jobs, but their priorities were to invest their savings into what they saw a career opportunity in. Hence, they started doing small events and forked up their savings and were able to invest in bigger projects which had a higher profit margin. The starting is always rocky but when you put your profits into the right paths the money will come back in a bigger portion.


Starting a business is like a race, there are always going to be competitors who are faster than you. This can be due to experience, practice and the willingness to improve. With the correct mindset and motivation to act, you will be able to run fast enough across your competitors. Pro Tip: Learn more about what your competitors are doing that you aren’t and adopt their good practices. Start-ups should define who they are in a unique way that will make customers choose you instead of your competitors.


It is very important for start-ups to choose their best candidates for the job as start-ups have a lot to lose. Candidates would have to be extremely hardworking and sincerely passionate about the job so that they can contribute positively to the company. This is why TheMeetUpSG was extremely meticulous in deciding who they hire into their group of hardworking individuals. With reliable employees, comes better produced work. In this way, you will be sure to provide excellent service to our beloved customers.


Being a young and new company has its downsides as many tend to assume that it means that the company is inexperienced. Well, that is not quite the case. TheMeetUpSG often liked to shift their audience’s perception to the many positives of being a young company. Start-ups normally take on a fresh perspective in the industry and often curate new and innovative ideas. Moreover, start-ups are normally very hardworking which is what clients want to see when they choose a company.


Wherever we go, we will surface some challenges, but what is important is that we learn from our mistakes and rise above. TheMeetUpSG wishes all start-ups a fruitful journey!


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