Should I pursue my passion?

Welcome back to another article by TheMeetUpSG! Today’s article might be a topic that is close to our hearts (or at least for me). While growing up, I’m sure that someone has asked you “What do you want to be when you grow up?” or “What are your dreams?”.

Having parents with the typical Asian mindset, they expect you to go for stable careers that earn you lots of money. However, not everyone wants to be a doctor or a lawyer. Some prefer careers that are perhaps, more artistic in nature or less conventional. Parents would say that these career paths have more hardships due to the less stable income and longer working hours.

This brings us to the question of the day: Should I pursue my passion?

It’s a difficult choice to follow our dreams at times. We have to choose between what we want and what we need, which can be two very different paths to take in life. If you’re looking for an absolute answer on whether you should follow your passion, this article is definitely not going to tell you the answer. However, here are 4 questions you should ask yourself to figure out if this is the right path for you!

1) Are you good at what you dream of doing?

When turning your passion into a career, it is important to consider whether it is feasible and whether you have a flair for it. You might be interested in starting a local online business selling your handmade crafts. However, if you do not stand out from the rest, it is difficult to earn a living with that business solely.

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In such cases, instead of focusing your energy on your passion only, you could treat it as a side hustle! It can be a hobby or a little project you work on that can allow you to earn some extra cash as well. This way, you won’t feel pressured to monetise your passion and still do what you love!

2) How are you doing financially?

Money is definitely a key consideration when deciding to pursue your dreams. After all, “money makes the world go round”. You have to think if you have sufficient funds for you to make ends meet even if you do not generate any revenue from your passion. The sad truth is that many endeavours and businesses tend to fail, which can lead to loss of savings.

If you have sufficient savings, why not pursue your passion? Even if you end up failing, you’d still be able to pick yourself up and keep moving forward. On the contrary, you could succeed and enjoy what you’re doing!

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3) What are your priorities and life plans?

Everyone has different priorities in life, especially when you’re at different life stages. For a student, you might not consider having a family yet and thus, you’ll be more motivated to pursue your dreams since you have time and money on your side. For a working adult with a family, it is a difficult decision to make as one has to think about the future of the children.

Perhaps, this is the juncture for you to decide what are your priorities in life. Would you rather follow your dreams or start a family with a stable career? Your priorities would affect the path you want to take in life.

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4) If not now, when?

Lastly, we all know that it is hard to just cast your dreams and passion aside. You’ll be wondering “What if?” for the rest of your life. Hence, think. If you do not act on your passion now, would you still be able to do it in the future? If you’re still studying, maybe you could afford to wait till you’re older and accumulate more savings. However, if you are at a stable with your finances, why not take a little risk and explore your passion?