How to Plan an Event for Free 🎟️

Have you ever thought of organising your every own event? How about organising one with no expenditure incurred or whatsoever? Sounds absurd, right?

Not entirely true! In this week's edition, TheMeetUpSG is here to share with you a couple of tips that could help you plan an event with very little costs or even better - for free!

Now, without much further ado, let’s get right into it!

1) Ponder over ideas

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When it comes to planning events, it’s always great to start off with a brainstorm session!

Come up with as many ideas as you can and consider the possible strengths and drawbacks of each proposed idea.

We highly recommend involving others in this process as it will definitely offer you a range of different perspectives that could help spice up your project(s) and even distinguish it from existing ones!

2) Know your cause

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You know what they always say:

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

Benjamin Franklin

Organising an event without really knowing its purpose can be a recipe for disaster!

To plan an event free-of-charge, you’ll need to identify the aims and objectives of your event, sieve out your target audience and let your potential partners know what’s in it for them.

Sounds tedious?

Fret not! Once you’re able to identify the key motives of your project and its potential benefits for others who may be working alongside you, things will be a lot less painful!

3) Source for a venue selectively

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When it comes to searching for a location to hold your event, strength may not always be found in numbers.

We recommend seeking for venue options from organisations with few members or staff.

Having more people involved could mean facing greater opposition and therefore, requiring more time to be set aside for negotiation over terms and conditions.

4) Less is more!

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Sourcing for supplies with a tight budget can be a real nightmare, but who said that it always has to be?

If you’ve already made a list of items that you’ll need to execute your dream event, that’s great!

Now comes the part that doesn’t sound too great - but trust us! This will play a pivotal role in helping you to cut and avoid adding unnecessary costs to your event.

Look through your list again. What are some items that you think can be removed and may not help you fulfill the goals of your event?

Remove those items from your list.

We highly recommend repeating this process of reviewing and sieving out items a couple of times as this will help you distinguish essential props, decorations and equipment from those that are not!

You may also want to consider getting your supplies by borrowing from your friends or loved ones!

5) Make use of digital tools!

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Living in a digital age isn’t such a bad thing after all!

With the prevalence of digital, crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, GoFundMe and Indiegogo, getting financial aid and support to help kickstart your event is not completely out of the question!

You can also leverage digital tools such as QRCode Monkey to streamline your event registration process and Canva to give your collaterals a more aesthetic appeal when uploading them on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram!

If you’re wondering about how you can create invitation cards for your event at no cost, you can check out our article on “How to Design an E-invitation”!

6) Look for volunteers

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While it is possible to organise an event all by yourself, executing one is no mean feat!

The more manpower you have, the greater help you’ll get in realising your dream event.

Sounds tough?

Fortunately, the easiest place to start your recruitment drive doesn’t lie too far ahead.

Think of family members or loved ones who may be interested in getting involved! Scroll through your list of contacts and identify potential co-workers, friends or even acquaintances who may be willing to help you out in your project!

You can also make use of volunteering portals such as SG Volunteer and social media platforms to reach a wider audience!

And there you have it, 6 tips on how to plan an event for free!