How to make Dalgona Coffee!

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From this edition’s title, I'm pretty sure you can tell that it’s specially dedicated to all our coffee lovers out there - no prizes for guessing! 😝

This simple 3-ingredient, caffeinated drink has taken the world by storm especially during this Circuit Breaker period (along with the special help of TikTok and Instagram).

But before we delve into the key ingredients and steps towards making this “novel”, favourite invention amongst many, have you ever wondered how Dalgona Coffee got its name and where it originally came from? How did such a simple 3-ingredient recipe gain so much popularity and fame over such a short period of time? Let’s dive in to find out more!

This speciality drink originally came from South Korea, with ‘Dalgona’ meaning ‘honeycomb toffee’ in Korean. Starting off as a highly popular street food snack in the past, the Dalgona Coffee made a ‘comeback’ in January this year when South Korean actor Jung Il-woo created one in the reality TV show “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Restaurant”.

This inspired not only South Koreans but many netizens across the world to make their own Dalgona Coffee, posting their creations and reinventions on social media platforms such as Instagram under the hashtag #dalgonacoffeechallenge. Apart from being known for its simplicity, another key feature which Dalgona Coffee is known for is its ‘whipping’ method, giving it its ‘honeycomb’ look.

Now that you know the ‘history’ behind the viral Dalgona Coffee, how do you make one? Let’s scroll down to find out more!

Here are the only 3 key ingredients you’ll need (Don’t worry, you probably have all of them in your kitchen right now 😜):

  1. 2 tbsp of instant coffee* or espresso powder

  2. 2 tbsp of sugar or sweetener

  3. 2 tbsp of hot water

  4. 400ml of milk (Any type would do! For this, we used ___ milk)

*and not 3-in-1 coffee, please don’t make the same mistake as I did!🤭


1. Pour the coffee powder, sugar and hot water into a medium-sized bowl.

2. Now for the FUN part! Whip the mixture using a whisk or spoon. You could also use an electric hand-held mixer based on your personal preference but we would highly recommend using a spoon for this segment 👍

3. WHISK, WHISK and WHISK continuously for 5 minutes until the mixture turns from a dark watery paste to a foamy, frothy and finally, creamy texture!

4. Pour two glasses of milk with ice.

5. Spoon the mixture on top of the milk.

6. Enjoy!

Extra tips:

Prefer getting cosy with a warm brew in hand? No problem! You can always replace the cold milk with a hot one instead! You can also spice up your drink(s) with chocolate sprinkles or crumbled biscuits to give it an added taste! 😋

Last but not least, don’t forget to share with us your Dalgona Coffee making experience by tagging us @themeetupsg & using the hashtag #dalgonacoffee!

Have fun whisking away! 👩‍🍳✨



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