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HOW TO: Decide on a theme for your event

There are several steps to planning a seamless event – and one of the criteria that you should DEFINITELY always consider to distinguish your event is the theme! How to decide on that? Here are a few tips:


Having a theme will definitely elevate the event that you’re planning & it will help in your decision-making process. Plus, it’s fun too!

But, first things first, decide on what type of event you are planning for. Is it a birthday party? Dinner and Dance? Or just a casual team bonding session? Decide on whether you want your event to be grand and glamorous or fun and casual, this will roughly help you to eliminate themes that are not suitable.

Secondly, who are your attendees? The demographics of your attendees should be considered. And you would want to know what their idea of fun is too! Select something that might be to the majority’s interest, something you know they’d like. You want your attendees to enjoy their time too, so it’s best to consider their preferences as well.

Thirdly, keep up with the current trends! It’s 2023 and you wouldn’t want a Squid Game Theme that is so 2021. Consider what is trending right now or what is timeless! No one will ever get sick of the 90’s. It’s fun to dress up and well, who’s up for some good old nostalgia?

And of course, get creative! This is where you can get your ideas (be it crazy or not) going.

The theme of your event will definitely leave an impression. You want it to be as memorable as possible and it helps if it has a unique theme!

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