How to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile Views

Ever felt like your online profile is not getting the attention it deserves?

So do we! That’s why in today’s work edition, TheMeetUpSG has compiled for you 8 simple and highly effective ways to help you boost your LinkedIn profile views within a short span of time!

Whether you’re a student, aspiring entrepreneur or full-fledged executive, you probably would have heard of the rapidly growing and professional world of LinkedIn.

Known to be the most extensive, professional network with more than 690 million users spanning over 200 countries and regions, this digital platform is the go-to place amongst many for job opportunities, “selling” your professional side and realising your career goals!

Now, without further ado, let’s get right into how you can make that profile shine - bright like a diamond! (Sorry, it was just right there...)

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1) Upload a professional shot

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Imagine that you’re meeting someone. In person. For the very first time. What are some of the first few things that you would notice before forming an impression of him/her?

Unfortunately, one of those things that we’re so quickly and naturally drawn to is the person’s appearance, followed by his/her other traits such as body language, mannerism, so on and so forth.

And the same applies to the virtual world! Your potential clients and recruiters look at your “appearance” first - in this case, your display picture. Having a display picture gives a face to your LinkedIn profile, increasing your chances of capturing your target audience’s attention!

So, if you’ve left that section empty and collecting dust, now’s the perfect time for a complete makeover!

We highly recommend using a professional headshot of yourself with a high resolution and a muted background. If you do not have one at the moment, you can always ask a friend for help!

When taking a professional headshot, make sure that your face can be seen within a quick glance. Remember, you only have so little time to capture your audience’s attention so every second counts!

Need a little help visualising that? Rest assured, for our team has compiled a few, great examples of professional headshots!

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2) Use a catchy headline

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The headline is the title which appears directly below your display picture.

Your headline is probably the second most important feature before your display picture.

Now, why is that so?