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Here Is Why 2-in1- Celebrations Are In Right Now

What is your main goal when planning for your corporate event? Most people’s answer to this question would be to host it successfully such that it would be a memorable occasion for their guests. As such, the one challenge that most corporate companies face is how they can do so.

Let’s say you include a wide variety of activities. From emcees and creative photobooth to performances and live food stations. There is still room to do more and better, and the best part of it all is that it does not cost you anything! Combining 2 celebrations into one. Simply put, it is a fusion event. This drastically changes the essence of your event. It’s something rare that is sure to ignite curiosity and excite your guests.

Great Eastern Deeparaya 2022

We hosted a one-of-a-kind fusion event for Great Eastern sometime back in October. Deeparaya 2022, is a fusion occasion to celebrate two of Singapore’s most prominent holidays, Deepavali and Hari Raya.

Great Eastern Deeparaya 2022

The event was hosted by the one and only, Fakkah Fuzz. With a 2-in-1 event, you could expect every other element of the occasion to also be 2-in-1. We saw a combination of ethnic wear, performances, food, and games.

Another event that we had the opportunity to host was for Rakuten, Halloween Party x Family Day 2022 event.

Rakuten Halloween x Family Day 2022

As the name suggests, it was a Halloween themed party but the twist is that it was with their colleagues and family.

Rakuten Halloween x Family Day 2022

There were numerous live food stations for the guests to enjoy while their children were entirely engaged in the booths, playing the carnival games.


When it comes to hosting a 2-in-1 event, there are endless possibilities. It all depends on your creativity. One piece of advice we will give is to think outside of the box. What are 2 occasions that are entirely different yet distinct on their own? Something people will never expect to go together. Let your mind wander and list the different ideas down before matching each other and choosing the pair that best fits the plan you have in mind

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