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Games for Corporates: 3 Team Building Activities for your next event

It’s that time of the year again where you have to squeeze your brain juices to come up with interesting ways to motivate and boost the morale of your hard-working employees who have worked tirelessly for the company all-year long. What exactly can you do to let them take a breather to enjoy themselves for a bit? Worry not, you don’t have to think too hard! Let us introduce you to 3 activities that you can consider for your next company event.


Activity #1: Amazing race


Life may not be fair as we do not always begin at the same starting point. However, in this game of Amazing Race, you can rest assured that we would all start at the same line. We shall see who will have the last laugh and reach the end point first. By overcoming obstacles and solving missions, your employees will have the best setting to interact with one another on a deeper level. What’s a better way to build team spirit while also touching on the competitiveness of your employees than having a thrilling Amazing Race?


Activity #2: Giant Jenga Block


Ever struggled with having work-life balance because your tasks keeps piling up like the blocks in the game of Jenga Blocks? Me too. Now, it’s time to give your team a break by engaging them in a LIFE-SIZED JENGA BLOCKS game. Yes, you heard that right. This next-level, upgraded version of Jenga Blocks is sure to be filled with a lot of laughter’s, creativite plays and fun!


Activity #3: Captain’s Ball

Life could be said to be like a game of Captain’s Ball. Sometimes we win. Sometimes we lose.

But fret not, a game of Captain’s Ball is not that stressful. Putting the wins or losses aside, this classic sports game enables your employees to build their teamwork, communication and quick thinking skills. Hmm, the question here is will you keep going even if you are at the losing end?


Team-building activities are meant to destress, bond and enable people to create good memories together. It is a great way to get your employees to come together outside of work and enjoy some quality time with one another. Be sure to try out these games for your next event for a guaranteed good time. If you want to save the hassle and unnecessary stress from planning the event, leave it to us! We got it all covered.


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