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Excel for Event Planners

Excel can be a powerful tool for event planners to organise, track, and manage various aspects of their events. Here’s a checklist template in Excel format that event planners can use:

Event Details Sheet:

Event Name

  • Date
  • Time
  • Venue
  • Expected Attendance
  • Budget
  • Event Theme/Concept
  • Task Management Sheet:

Task Description

  • Assigned To
  • Due Date
  • Status (e.g., Not Started, In Progress, Completed)
  • Priority
  • Notes/Comments
  • Budget Tracker Sheet:

Item Description

  • Estimated Cost
  • Actual Cost
  • Variance (Difference between estimated and actual cost)
  • Notes/Comments
  • Vendor Contact Sheet:

Vendor Name

  • Contact Person
  • Contact Information (Phone, Email)
  • Services Provided
  • Contract Details (if applicable)
  • Notes/Comments
  • Attendee List Sheet:


  • Company/Organization
  • Contact Information (Email, Phone)
  • RSVP Status
  • Dietary Restrictions (if applicable)
  • Special Requests/Notes
  • Schedule/Agenda Sheet:


  • Activity/Session Description
  • Location/Room
  • Presenter/Speaker
  • Notes/Comments
  • Seating Plan Sheet:

Table/Seat Number

  • Guest Name
  • Company/Organization
  • Meal Preference (if applicable)
  • Notes/Comments
  • Event Marketing/Promotion Sheet:

Marketing Channels (e.g., Social Media, Email, Print)

  • Scheduled Posts/Emails
  • Engagement Metrics (e.g., Click-through rates, RSVPs)
  • Notes/Comments
  • Emergency Plan Sheet:

Emergency Contact Numbers (Venue, Medical Services, Security)

  • Evacuation Plan
  • First Aid Kit Location
  • Important Safety Instructions
  • Post-Event Evaluation Sheet:

Event Objectives (Were they met?)

  • Attendee Feedback

Vendor Performance Evaluation

  • Budget Analysis (Actual vs. Budgeted)
  • Lessons Learned/Improvement Areas

These sheets can be customized further based on specific event requirements and preferences. Excel’s features such as conditional formatting, filters, and formulas can also be utilized to enhance functionality and organization within each sheet, but that is for another session