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Endless Events, Endless Experiences

Discover the world of unique experiences with TheMeetupSG .


‘We are creating a unique experience. It starts with how you see the building from a distance.’ – quoted by Helmut Jahn.


Similarly, the founders of TheMeetUpSG, Roshini and Darlene, saw the world of events from a distance and decided to do something different and make a change to how events were carried out. Oh, and did I mention that they were just 18 years old when they found their true passion in events managing? If they can have such a futurous vision at such a young age, so can you! Do not let anyone undermine your unique ideas and just go for it!


These two fiery-minded individuals started off with smaller events, like birthday parties, picnics and proposals. By forking up their savings, they were able to go on adventures to find the logistics and vendors needed for their small events. They started from scratch and personally I do believe that, that is truly the best way to be skillful at the things you do. They started from the bottom and now they have grown so much into planning events for corporate companies.


This was only a 2-man company. Do you believe that? As they say hard work, comes with bigger rewards and it is truly does, verified by the bosses of TheMeetUpSG.

As of 2023, they have expanded their company group as well as their brand into providing more memorable experiences for corporate events – Dinner and Dances, Team Building Events and Conferences. Through exciting line-ups of various services which consist of mermaid shows, Igloo venues, Fire stunts etc. Just imagine going for an event and not expecting much.. and out of a sudden you experience the most bizarre performances in you life! As their moto goes ‘You name it, We do it’, literally… come up with the craziest event ideas and you will be served by the individuals behind this great, revolutionary company.


Well..How do YOU plan a memorable event?

Whether it’s a small intimate event like ,birthday parties or proposals, or big events like conferences and Dinner and Dances, it is always crucial to make sure to deliver the best experiences to your consumer. You may ask, “how to?”.

These are the top 3 insider secrets as to TheMeetUpSG’s successful events.


Rule No.1:

Choosing the right vendors.

This will come with experience of course. Alittle thorough background research of your chosen vendors go along way and tells you how professional the vendor is in providing the service. Vendors chosen directly impacts your consumers experience hence you would have to pay close attention when picking your vendors.


Rule No.2:

Providing exceptional customer service.

Picking the right people to communicate with the clients will provide the the clients with a good impression of your company. The customer service provided to the client should be top tier from the first interaction till the very last. We should be able to try to our best in order to meet with the clients needs and wants, or propose new solutions that will be feasible to them.


Rule No.3:

Be alert during the event.

Mishaps is normal and do happen during events, even if the event is planned accurately from start till finish. It’s just human nature for errors to happen, this is not your fault to blame. What we can do is to be always alert during the event. If mishaps happen, be calm and use your problem solving skills to act on them.


And there you go, you are all set to come onboard the world of events. There is still so much more to learn and explore, so do check out more of our blogs for events related tips, tricks, solutions and inspirations to plan your next event!