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Doing our part to save the earth!

Here at TheMeetUpSG, we believe in the importance of saving the environment. With that in mind, we are always coming up with innovative ideas such as giving out eco-friendly prizes for our event engagement games and gifting reusable corporate door gifts.

Below is a list of some of our eco-friendly prizes that we have given out for our past events.


1. Reusable Cups

Corporate environments can get really hectic and with all of us being busy humans, we will definitely be using at least one to two disposable cups daily when we buy our essential doses of coffee and tea. One to two disposable cups might seem like a small amount but it is actually over 700 cups in a year! One reusable cup can literally be the equivalent of 700 plastic cups. With plastic pollution being one of the most pressing environmental concerns, reusable cups undoubtedly make a positive impact on our environment. In addition, not only are you saving the environment, you are also saving money from buying takeaway cups! Takeaway cups may just be 10 to 20 cents but once you do your math, you will realize how much you could potentially save in a year.



2. Bamboo Cutleries

Bamboo is a renewable resource and hence, using it to produce items is eco friendly. On top of that, it is also wallet friendly as bamboo is a cheaper raw material. Bamboo cutleries can help reduce the usage of plastics and even wooden disposable cutleries. It is also more hygienic too. Plastic and wooden disposable cutleries are all made in a factory and in huge batches. Many times, these batches are not properly sanitised. Even the cutleries that we use when eating out at restaurants have a 90 percent chance of not being properly cleaned due to the lack of manpower and high turnover time. Thus, using your own set of bamboo cutleries not only helps the environment but it also helps with your health.



3. Coasters

Coasters are really common and you might be wondering what’s so special about the ones we provide. Well, we only choose coasters that are made from upcycling materials. We believe that giving materials a second chance is almost like giving ourselves a second chance at life. Many materials are recyclable but due to the unpleasant appearances at times, many of us wouldn’t think to upcycle these “ugly” materials and create a wonderful art piece out of it. Making coasters out of upcycled materials is one of the best ways of turning recyclable materials into a beautiful gift. The best part is that coasters are degradable. Hence, even if you were to dispose of them, they can degrade and become fertilizers for plants.


Apart from using eco-friendly prizes and gifts, we also implement eco-friendly practices while executing our events. For instance, we place at least one recycling bin at the venue whenever possible. Putting recycling bins around venues actually encourages guests to recycle and reduce waste. One great tip is to ensure that the placement of recycling bins are in highly visible and convenient locations. Here are some of the benefits of putting recycling bins around venues:


Reducing waste: Recycling bins can help divert recyclable items away from landfills which reduces the amount of waste that ends up in our environment that contributes to global warming.


Encouraging sustainable behavior: Seeing recycling bins in public spaces can encourage people to recycle more and think about their impact on the environment.


Setting a positive example: By implementing sustainable practices, venues can set an example for others to follow and inspire broader change in society.


Saving resources: Recycling can save resources by reducing the need for new raw materials and energy to produce new products.


Overall, putting recycling bins around venues can make a significant impact on reducing waste and promoting sustainability. It is important to at least have one recycling bin for every event so you can do your part to help save our planet.


At TheMeetUpSG, we are always looking out for more ways to play our part and be more eco friendly in our events and workplace. If you are interested in partnering with us on this initiative, feel free to send us an email at!


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