Creating a Moodboard for your Clients🤝

Hey everyone, welcome to our work edition of TheMeetUpSG blog!

When working in the professional world (and in any industry), there are often more times than you would be required to present content visually, be it in the form of products, services or even proposals. This is where a moodboard comes in handy.

At this point, you may be wondering, but why a moodboard? Is it that important? Won’t a Word document suffice?

Fret not, TheMeetUpSG is here to share with you more about Moodboards and how they can be a game changer in your potential partnerships and corporate relationships!

What is a Moodboard?

It is a collage consisting of images, texts, and samples of objects in a composition. Basically, it's a visual representation to show your audience what your service/product, project or topic is about!

Why is it so important?

It allows your audience to see what you have to bring to the table and give them a better, visual understanding of your products/services. It also sets a visual direction for your project or artwork!

That’s great! So, how do you create one?

You can start by listing down the specific elements you would like to use for your moodboard. Let’s use our Bohemian Themed Moodboard from our picnic packages as an example!

(Source: TheMeetUpSG)

Based on this theme, we listed down four elements that came to mind:

  • Dreamcatchers

  • Lights

  • Tapestry

  • Balloons

Do take note that your chosen elements don't necessarily have to follow the ones mentioned above so why not unleash your creative side? You can consider adding in props and dresses to even colour schemes. Remember, the only limit is your imagination!

Using these elements along with TheMeetUpSG’s photos, we managed to create our very first draft for our moodboard!

Try playing around with different elements and make as many drafts as possible until you have found THE one that shows your best side to your client!

Alright! But what are the tools I can use to create one?

There are many ways to create a Moodboard. However, not all of them are free. Therefore, we’ve listed down for you 3 FREE online tools which you could use to make one!

P.S. Not really a creative person? No worries, we have curated a list of tools that does not require any design skills at all!

We recommend picking your most preferred choice & sticking to it to make things easy.

1. Pinterest

(Source: TheMeetUpSG, Pinterest)

Pinterest is a social network that allows you to share and discover new interests by 'pinning' images to your own or others' boards - and that’s not it. You can even browse through what others have pinned on their boards! However, one downside of this tool is that it does not allow board customisation.

Therefore, we highly recommend this app if you’re experiencing a creativity block and are in need of some inspiration. Be sure to also check out our Pinterest Account @TheMeetUpSG if you’re running out of themes or ideas!