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Best Picnic Locations

Are you planning to have an outdoor picnic? Unsure of which location would be the best for you? Let us tell you more about the popular picnic locations!


1. Summer Vibes


a) Sentosa Beach


There is a wide selection of beaches at Sentosa, where should you go?


Siloso Beach – The Thrill Seekers, where there are many activities such as bungee jumping, zip-lining at 60kph, indoor skydiving and water-jetpacking!


(Source: HoneyKids Asia)


Palawan Beach – Family Friendly, where you can enjoy the serene waves, except you may encounter occasional children screaming! In the evening, you get to witness the beautiful sunset. (Psst, this is our best location for a picnic set up!)


(Source: Thousand Wonders)


Tanjong Beach – For The Grown Ups, with a beach club for the adults to getaway! Head to Tanjong beach if you are looking for the cool vibes.


(Source: Tanjong Beach Club)


b) East Coast Park (ECP)


The family’s favourite hangout spot! Would recommend ECP if you enjoy the sea view, and it is located near many amenities and good food, it is definitely worth spending your day here! You will be able to catch a glimpse of the sunset too.


(Source: TheMeetUpSg)


2. Luscious Greenery

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, immerse yourself in a natural environment and unwind. We recommend two places where you can get lost in nature and unwind.


a) Singapore Botanic Gardens

It is so beautiful and there is so much to explore in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Follow the walking trail guides and discover the rich heritage! Here are our favourite picnic spots:


  • The Symphony Lake

(Source: The Smart Local)


  • Bandstand

(Source: Envoy Excellency Magazine)


Continue your journey to discover swans by the Swan Lake and visit the National Orchid Garden (Local Students @ $1, Local Adults @ $5!).


b) Rower’s Bay Park


Rower’s Bay is located near Lower Seletar Reservoir, with scenic views. The park is an ideal place to just chill and hangout. All you have to do is arrive at the location and the set up will be waiting for you!


(Source: The Gees Travel)


Head to the nearby Yishun Dam to watch the breathtaking view. Sunsets have calming power and you can let all your worries fade away. Come experience the calmness with our picnic set up!


(Source: The Travel Insider)


3. Sit Back & Relax


a) Bay East Garden


Prefer to have a picnic be it rain or shine? This is our popular spot! We have the Marina Bay Sands and Singapore Flyer in sight while you enjoy a hearty picnic with your loved ones!


(Source: TheMeetUpSg)


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