7 Tips on Planning the Perfect Wedding Proposal💍

Found the perfect one for you? Feel that you can see a future and spend a lifetime with them? Like Beyonce said, if you like it, then you should put a ring on it! Sounds easy, doesn’t it? As simple as it sounds, it can be daunting when you are trying to plan the perfect proposal for the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with! With all the nervousness and jitteriness, it is normal to be worried that the proposal would not be romantic enough for your partner, or that the lighting is bad for pictures (when your partner wants to upload it on Instagram afterwards).

Well, listen up! Here are some tips for you to plan the perfect proposal for your partner that deserves it all!

1. Right Location, Right Vibes

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Was there a special place between your partner and you? It is key to pick the right location to set the right mood for your proposal. It could be the place where both of you first met, first kiss etc. Some couples even had their proposal overseas with the picturesque view. Wherever the location, choose a place that has sentimental value to the both of you. Otherwise, you could also pick a breathtaking location to propose and make it your new sentimental place in your heart.

2. Capturing the Perfect Timing

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Talking about the perfect timing, it is important for both your partner and you to have ample time together on the day of the proposal. Don’t rush the proposal and wait for the right moment to pop the question. Moreover, with the increasing significance of aesthetic photos, choose the propose at the right time to have the best photos taken! If you’re outdoors, you could propose at the golden hour as the sun is setting to get a nice picture. P.S. Tried and Tested!

3. Make a Sentimental and Personalised Speech

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Speak from the heart. Go down on one knee and make the proposal speech personal to you two. It could be about what you love about them, how you envision the future together or even add in some inside jokes. Let them know that they are the special someone for you and you want to spend the rest of your life together with them!

4. Know Your Partner

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Always have a talk with your partner beforehand to understand how they envision their future with you. Perhaps, they’re not ready for marriage yet and you would not want to make the grave mistake of proposing at the wrong time! Additionally, know what they’re comfortable with! Some people want their families and friends to be there and for the proposal to be documented, while others just want an intimate moment. Some prefer a proposal to be glamorous with the balloons, flowers and decorations, whereas others prefer a simple gesture.

5. Prepare for Backup Plan

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As how all planning works, plans might not go the way you envision all the time. If you’re planning on proposing at the beach, have a back-up plan on another location if it starts to rain that day. Many things can go wrong on that day so plan ahead and you will be prepared for anything thrown your way! Your partner will remember the proposal for the rest of their life so always have alternative plans so that the proposal still remains memorable and special.