4 Unique Themes for Corporate Dinner & Dance Events in Singapore (2021 Version)

Updated: Jan 18

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Choosing a theme for your corporate dinner and dance can be crucial to the success of the event. Once an alluring theme is set, not only can it create buzz and excitement amongst your team, it can also give your corporate event planner all the bright ideas to start planning and preparing for an unforgettable night! Here are some theme ideas to explore before engaging an experienced events management company in Singapore that can bring your vision to life.

  • Swinging 60s

With some companies preferring to stick to formal corporate events in Singapore, break out of your comfort zone and bring back the nostalgia of the colorful and lively 60s! This theme is especially fun as team members can dress in kaleidoscopic dresses and floral flared pants as they boogie on the dance floor to the hits of the 60s. For the cherry on top, your event planner can transform your venue into a disco club with psychedelic lights, colorful streamers, and not forgetting, a metallic disco ball.

(Source: Unsplash)

  • Back2School

Everyone loves reminiscing on the good old days of primary and secondary school. No matter the age, we love dressing up in our school uniforms to feel young again! A Back2School themed event can transport guests to the classroom with chalkboard decor and organized games that test your knowledge on dreaded subjects like geography, biology, and history! An experienced event organizer in Singapore can also set up a photo booth decorated as a classroom or a school bus to capture the memories of the night.

  • Horror Nights

Corporate events in Singapore can get pretty dreary if they stick to a cut-and-paste template of a formal dinner. Nothing screams unique than a horror nights themed event! It doesn’t have to be Halloween for your team members to enjoy dressing up as spooky characters from Pennywise the clown to their favorite vampire from Twilight. Decor for horror nights events can get very creative with hanging skeletons and stringing cobwebs and of course, not forgetting candle-lit tables for the full experience.

  • Wild Wild West

Plaid, denim, and cowboy boots never go out of style! Say howdy to your teammates decked in red bandanas and straw hats for the authentic Old West experience. For a personalized touch, your event planner can paste “Wanted” posters of each member of your team around the venue that can be doubled as a door gift! Photobooths of the classic jail backdrop is especially popular at Wild Wild West parties and for the choice of games, you can opt for a rodeo bull rental with a safety inflatable arena for a friendly yet fun challenge.

If you’re cracking your brains on planning your next corporate dinner and dance event for your colleagues, allow us to take that load off your shoulders to create an eventful and stress-free night! From team bonding activities to virtual events, TheMeetUpSG has the expertise and experience to bring your vision to life. For more details on our services and price packages, visit our site or contact us for further inquiries.

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