5 Tips For A Career In Event Management

The Event Management industry amounts to almost 500 billion worldwide, and this growth shows no sign of slowing down. Being an event manager is no small feat. This field is ever-changing, fun and brimming with career opportunities. Several people find it appealing for various reasons; the money, the connections, the satisfaction of creating happy memories etc. But at the same time, event planning demands a lot from you. You require energy, patience, creativity and a passion for it. It is the only way to find the job rewarding!

But how does one go about planning a future in event management? And what skills would you need to succeed? We’ve listed five tips below that are essential to make the most out of your event planning career:

1. Soft Skills

Before starting anything, we must acknowledge that many event managers have a particular skill set that helps them out. The job is not for everybody; you must enjoy it to be good at it. Good communication skills and being able to socialize well with customers are paramount. Time management is also crucial to getting your event ready on time. Problems and road bumps are bound to happen at some point; you should also be prepared to think on your feet and work well under pressure. An event also has a lot of tasks to be carried out simultaneously. Hence, you will need to multitask efficiently and pay attention to details to stand out. And lastly, a dash of creativity always makes it interesting!

2. Qualification

Honestly, you do not need to be a professional to plan an event! There is no rule book to follow and steps to take to guarantee success. Nevertheless, having certifications related to event management could come in handy in the future. A degree in the following fields can help:

  1. Marketing

  2. Business Administration

  3. Human Resource

  4. Public Relations

  5. Mass Communications

  6. Hospitality or Hotel Management

  7. Evaluation and Risk Assessments

Alternatively, studying an online course in an event management-related field would be equally convenient. It is also less time-consuming and inexpensive. Many accomplished event managers display these degrees in their LinkedIn profiles.

3. Experience

Of course, no matter how much you study, it can never prepare you for the real deal! Try and find a way to get a real-life experience of how event management is. Join a club at school or intern at an event planning company during your free time. You must work and get a feel of the environment to see if you are suited for it or not. You will gain valuable work experience and learn what all the job entails. It also helps that it looks good on your resume as well.

4. Networking

Socializing is an essential part of event management. Meeting new people and gaining valuable connections can help you a lot in your career. Future event planners should build strong relations with people that can help them in their careers. These will also help attract potential clients and assist in creating a unique skill set that is all you. Connect via LinkedIn and participate in social communities. Find networking events for aspiring event planners and make personal connections with as many marketers as you can.

5. Other Pointers

  • Stay on top of market trends; Read a lot and ensure you are not falling behind your competitors.

  • Know what companies suit you. Do your research and find which segment of event planning is for you.

  • Always think out of the box. What makes you unique from others? Going out of your way can be beneficial in sealing deals and making connections.

  • Lastly, be passionate! You always succeed when you do what you love. Working should not be a chore.

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