5 Things that Event Planners Should Do Post-Event

After the end of a memorable and tiring event, most event planners would just move on to planning their next project. That is a grave mistake! An event planner’s work is not done when the event has ended. Instead, we should maintain good relations with the clients and tie up any loose ends for the event! With greater relationships and satisfaction from our clients and vendors, it can generate more profits in the future as clients return to provide more event projects for us. Moreover, it also provides a proper closure to an event so that everything ends off on a good note!

Without further ado, here are the 5 essential things to do after wrapping up an event:

1. Collect Feedback

It is crucial to gather any positive or negative feedback after the event to review how the event went from the eyes of the clients and participants. There may be mistakes made that we might not know, which can be helpful for future events. Most of the time, participants are more than happy to fill up a simple online or paper feedback form. Just remember to keep the questions short and sweet! If you could get your client to write a review or testimonial for the event, that would be even better to improve your company’s brand and reputation.

(Source: Profitable Print Relationships)

2. Remember Your “Thank You”

Maintaining good relations with your vendors and clients is important as this improves future partnerships with them. Contact your clients to thank them for providing you the opportunity and give a call to your vendors & suppliers to thank them for their help. Such follow-ups are seen as sincere as you make the time and effort to reach out to them after the event is over. This may seem like a simple and small gesture, but it goes a long way!

3. Continue the Buzz on Social Media

In these times, social media is such a powerful weapon to generate publicity and rave for your events. Keeping people engaged on social media, such as Instagram and Facebook, allows for continuous conversations even after the event. Remember to take some photos during the event and post it online! If the event was successful, it gets people talking and heightens your brand image on social media. Now, potential clients would know who to find when they are looking for a competent event planner!

(Source: Hipsthetic)

4. Review the Budgets and Make Payments

This is possibly the most dreadful part for most people - checking up on your financials and budget. Balance your budgets and payments with all the invoices and receipts. If you manage to make profits, this calls for a celebration! However, if your event did not manage to break even, it is time to analyze what could be done better. Through evaluation of the budgets, it allows you to better understand where are your gaps and which areas that you should work on as an event planner to elevate the event and generate greater profits.

(Source: WorkflowMax)

5. Post-Event Debrief with the Team

With so many projects on hand and deadlines to meet, a common mistake that event planners make is to NOT analyze what went right and more importantly, what went wrong during the event. By reflecting on the event that had just ended, it allows you to acknowledge the mistakes made and gain learning points from the experience. Furthermore, you would have a clear memory of what had just happened. You wouldn’t want to make the same mistakes in your subsequent events!

(Source: TheMeetUpSG - taken before COVID-19)

After a whole event, you may feel really tired and tempted to dismiss all that I have mentioned above. However, all these post-event suggestions can help boost your company’s reputation and help you in the long run. Hard work does pay off! Don't forget to thank your team and give appreciation to your team.

Hope these post-event essential tips are helpful for you, as an event planner! If you have other tips and suggestions, do leave a comment and let us know. Remember to follow us @themeetupsg on Instagram. Let us know if you want us to discuss other topics!