5 Questions to ask a Client during Consultation

Onboarding is a popular process in HR and Recruitment; but many companies fail to curate a seamless Onboarding process for their clients.

Think about it, how many times have you met your client and pivoted a million times? Okay, million is an exaggeration but you get the picture. It is crucial to find a common ground agreed by both parties that is written on paper. Additionally, getting to know your potential client over a coffee date would allow you to understand them much better before going into the formalities. The importance of icebreakers is so underrated and more thought should be given to them.

After all, it is the first meeting, wouldn't you want to make the perfect impression?

Back to the topic, several companies tend to solve a problem for their client, without actually understanding the root of the problem.


Imagine going to the doctor due to a severe headache. The doctor prescribes you a pill without realising you are allergic to it as it is not stated on your records. On top of that, another doctor diagnosed a brain tumor a few months later.

How would you feel? What was the root cause of this problem?

Was it the doctor’s fault for not having an updated version of the patient’s record or was it the patient’s mistake for not declaring his allergies during the consultation because he forgot about it? Then, you may question, was it the doctor’s fault for not interrogating the patient thoroughly and identifying the problem earlier? Was the patient at fault for not describing the pain accurately?

Perhaps, this predicament stems from the lack of communication and mutual understanding.

Similar to the problems we talked about above, the same issue happens in many instances when consulting with clients. To make your clients satisfied and content with the end results, allow me to share the 5 Questions to ask your clients during a consultation.

1. What is your desired outcome of the project?

Never assume, what we think is the solution may not always be the best or most desired solution for your client. Make sure to find out what the client truly wants.

2. Why are you embarking on this project?

Empathize with your client and stand in their shoes. Is it a wedding that you are planning? Are you trying to market a product? Whatever the case is, understand the importance and history.

3. How did you deal with this problem previously? What worked and what did not?

Learn from their mistakes, it will save you ample time.

4. Ask if you are liaising with the direct decision-maker.

Always keep in mind that you may not be speaking directly with the decision-maker of the project. If that is the case, understand who you are speaking to.

5. Ask about their personal interests: What is your favourite colour/car/shoes?

Communication is Key. Build a rapport and find a common interest. Like I said, it's very easy to talk business but how many can find genuine affinity?

That is all from me! I truly hope that these tips can help you build a better relationship with your potential clients. Do let us know in the comments if there are other tips you would like to hear from us? Share your own tips in the comments below🤗

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Rosini Naidu