5 Local Startups with Inspiring Journeys

Our entrepreneurial journey began when we were 17 during our lecture at Singapore Polytechnic. Clearly, we were interested in other aspects than what our lecturer was teaching us 😂 Building a business whilst studying was a tough job but one we thoroughly enjoyed. Along the way, we were inspired by many companies and looked up to them! Here are some of our favourite, inspiring companies 👇🏻

1. Habitap

Habitap was founded in 2017 with the goal of making smart living more relevant to our daily lives and providing a smooth experience for users. It is an all-in-one mobile platform that integrates services like smart home control, gated entry, and property facility booking for residents of particular residential complexes. Habitap’s owner encountered various challenges in a world where old systems were still revered, but he remained committed to developing new and user-friendly technologies. Currently, they have clinched deals with CGS-CIMB and KeppelLand projects!

(Source: Vulcan Post)

2. Secretlab

This organization’s products are widely owned by thousands of gamers across the world. Former professional gamers Ian Alexander Ang and Alaric Choo co-founded the firm with their own money in 2014, and it swiftly moved from startup status, earning a profit in just one year. Secretlab produces about 300,000 chairs every year, which are marketed in more than 60 countries. With over 50% of revenue, North America is the company's largest and most significant market today. Isn’t that amazing?

(Source: Vulcan Post)

3. Ninjavan

Chang Wen Lai has established a multimillion-dollar international express delivery firm that delivers a million items per day on behalf of some of Southeast Asia's largest merchants in just five years. The CEO of Ninja Van, however, did not always have it easy. In reality, it took Lai and his co-founders, Boxian Tan and Shaun Chong, three abandoned corporate jobs and one failed fashion brand to get their business concept off the ground.

(Source: Vulcan Post)

4. Chope

Chope, a restaurant table booking tool, allows guests to make appointments in any of the partner restaurants in real-time. Chope, based in Singapore, was formed in 2011 and has been steadily adding new users to its website and mobile application since then. The organization has expanded its reach beyond Singapore's boundaries, assisting consumers in booking restaurants in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, and other important Southeast Asian cities.

(Source: Vulcan Post)

5. Awfully Chocolate

Lyn founded Awfully Chocolate with a group of friends who had no prior business expertise, but she has always been the face of the company. Awfully Chocolate presently has 15 locations in Singapore, with additional locations in Shanghai, Chendgu, and Guangzhou. Ninethirty, a café with a modern menu of well-loved comfort cuisine and (of course) Awfully Chocolate desserts, and Sinpopo, a vintage-vibe cafe famed for its choice of local sweets, are also part of the brand.

(Source: Vulcan Post)

Isn’t inspiring what they have achieved with their hardwork and effort? We hope to achieve such feats and be a known brand globally too! We’re looking forward to see many more local businesses flourish and make a name for themselves 😊

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