5 FREE ways to 'hang out' with your friends.

Hello guys! Hope you all are safe and doing well during this Circuit Breaker.

Now I know that it’s been a pretty long time since we all have been cooped up at home. You’re probably experiencing extreme boredness & restlessness at home. Don’t worry! TheMeetUpSG has come up with 5 online games you can play with your friends. Best part, its FREE!

1. UNO

We’ve all probably played the physical card version a hundred times with our friends and family. But now it's available on playstore as well to download and kill your boredom during these quarantine days. Simple search UNO on your mobile’s App Store or Google App Store and download it!

(Source: App Store - Uno)

How to create a game?

  1. Once the app is opened, click on “Fun Room” followed by “Room Mode”

  2. Select your preferred game mode and “Create” the play room.

  3. Invite your friends and you can start playing with your friends

  4. Remember to add your friends before creating the game by either sending them a friend request or sharing your UNO ID.

2. Houseparty

Want to play a game where you can see your friends face while playing the game? This app is perfect for you and your squad then! Houseparty is a group chatting video platform that comes with a list of games you can play with. From Heads Up to Quick Draw to Trivia, you have multiple options to choose from. Get it now at App Store or Google Play Store.

(Source: Houseparty Official Website)

3. Werewolf

This popular card game is something that you would have seen or played at

during school breaks or even birthday parties. Best part? You don’t even have to download any app from the app store for this! You can play using Telegram.

(Source: Werewolf for Telegram)

How to play the game?

  1. Head to the app that you have used over a million times aka Telegram and invite @werewolfbot to your squad’s telegram group.

  2. Type “/startgame” and get everyone in the group to join.

  3. The Bot will message you individually to tell you your role.

  4. Take note that a minimum of 5 players are required to play this game.

4. Psych

Here is another popular and frequently played game with friends at birthday

parties, Psych. This witty game requires you to create fake answers to trivia questions to psych out (hehe pun intended) your friends. Just download the app from App Store or Google Play, invite your friends and create a room together!

(Source: App Store - Psych)

5. Spy

This is the second game on our list which is from your most favourite chat platform, Telegram. Similar to Werewolf, the purpose of the game is to find the spy or to guess the location of all the agents.

(Source: Spy Bot Game on Telegram)

How to play the game?

  1. Invite @spyfallbot to the telegram chat group

  2. Type “/startgame” and get everyone in the group to join.

  3. The Bot will message you individually to tell you your role.

There you have it, your absolutely FREE online games to play with your friends during this COVID-19 period. Hope our blog helps you and your friends connect during this Circuit Breaker.

The light at the end of the tunnel is just around the corner so hang tight!

Also, let us know if you tried out the games listed above by commenting below or tag us yours through Instagram, @themeetupsg. We would be happy to feature them. See you next time!

Stay Safe :)

See you soon,


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