5 Engaging and Affordable Team Bonding Activities in Singapore

A “work hard, play hard” office environment is always much healthier compared to companies that solely focus on burying their heads into their laptops. Especially with the work-from-home regulations, colleagues may not get to meet each other as often, which can create a slight disconnect within the workplace. Team bonding is an extremely important part of corporate life as it allows colleagues to understand each other, improve communication to work even better together, and also creates lasting friendships in the office. With the hustle and bustle of life, planning a team bonding day can get pretty stressful, which is when hiring a corporate event planner can take that load off your shoulders. Team activities do not have to be pricey and complicated! Here are some affordable and engaging team bonding activities in Singapore that your team can enjoy together.

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1. Art Jamming

Sometimes all a team needs are a few drinks and a good chat. For a more laid back but creative team bonding idea, an art jamming session can be the perfect wind-down activity that still allows colleagues to mingle and get to know each other better. For a scenic view, an experienced event organiser in Singapore can set up a paint station together with a picnic filled with yummy snacks by the beach. Your team can get creative in their artworks while having a much-needed downtime away from the office desk.

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2. Amazing Race

The classic scavenger hunt activity is always a favourite and also sticks within budget! This bonding activity allows colleagues to team up together to have some friendly competition. An event planner in Singapore can set up the hunt around the city while you enjoy the day with your colleagues. Scavenger hunts are great in building communication and problem-solving skills while keeping it fun and relaxed! To end off the race, your team can come together to have a meal in a park or by the waters.

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3. Group Yoga Session

This one is especially helpful for the team that has been knee-deep at work and can’t seem to catch a break. Leave your worries behind and allow your corporate event planner to set up a session of outdoor group yoga surrounded by nature. Group yoga classes usually pair colleagues up to help each other with the various poses. Not only will this allow your team members to get to know each other better, yoga is also known for its relaxing and calming benefits, allowing your team to feel zen away from their desks.

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4. Virtual Escape Room

Planning team bonding activities in Singapore can be tricky especially with the rules and regulations of group sizes. If you have a large team, sticking to virtual bonding activities is your best bet. Physical escape rooms can be pretty pricey but virtual ones are just as engaging but don’t cost a dime! With simple online tools such as Google Slides and Forms, an event organiser in Singapore will be able to set up a virtual day of fun for your team. Escape rooms allow teams to communicate and work better as they try to solve mysteries and puzzles together.

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5. Virtual Masterchef Cook-off

Allow your team to unleash their inner Masterchef in a virtual cook-off! With simple and affordable ingredients, you can challenge your team to cook up their best dishes within a given time. For an added challenge, all members need to incorporate one similar ingredient in all their dishes. This cook-off allows the team to step away from their computers and bond together in the kitchen!