4 FREE Organizational Tools for your Business!

As a small company or startup, there can be many content and information that has to be sorted out. It helps startups, like us😉, to stay more focused and be at the top of our game. However, organizing information can be a tricky business. If not done right, it can waste more time, costs and resources instead.

We understand that it can be confusing initially as many times, you can’t figure out where to begin and what to organize. As TheMeetUpSG is a startup as well, we understand the problems that young businesses face and we want to help you too! Well, here are 4 organisational tools that we feel that can be helpful to aid you in the growth of your company!


1. Google Suite (Google Drive, Google Doc, Google Sheet...etc)

This has to be the most common tool that I’m sure most of us recognize and have used before. It is easy to navigate and the functions & layout are relatively similar to that of Microsoft Office. Tools like Google Sheet and Google Docs can easily help startups to archive their information and categorize them. Additionally, Google Suite has a cloud storage function that allows information to be stored and backed up. Though Google Suite may not be free, some of its applications, such as Google Drive and Google Sheets are free. Thus, it is budget-friendly for a small company.

(Source: Google Suite)

2. Trello

Many argue that Trello is one of the best organisation tools for businesses out there. It allows the entire team to work on the same project and create cards for tasks that have to be completed or information to be organised. Each card would clearly state the task details, deadlines, checklists and other important details that you want to include. What differentiates Trello from the rest is its built-in Workflow Automation with Butler, whereby it uses bots to automate the process and remove tedious tasks from your to-do list with its commands. This application is free as well! It is definitely easy to stay organized with this application.

(Source: Trello)

3. Zapier

Another software that incorporates automation to your organisation tool is Zapier. They pride on its easy automation for busy individuals by being a one-stop platform to integrate all your information and tasks from different apps. With compatibility with more than 2,000 apps (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Sheets etc), Zapier can move your information automatically and allow you to focus on prioritised tasks. Though not all information and data can be automated into one place, it does save a lot of your trouble when you’re searching for different information on different apps and software. If you only require the basic functions of Zapier, it is free. However, upgrading to its premium plans will provide you the full extent of its advanced workflows!

(Source: Zapier)

4. Process Street

The last organisation tool that we’ll talk about is the Process Sheet, which is free as well! This tool prides itself on its simplicity in process and manages your team’s recurring checklists and procedures. By recording your tasks in their templates, it also allows you to track the progress and collaboration of each team member. Moreover, the incorporation of its conditional logic helps your team to create dynamic checklists and adapt to your evolving needs.

(Source: Process Street)

Hopefully, after reading our review on these tools, you can make a more informed decision and choose the best organisation tool that suits your business. But, always remember that your actions and efforts are still better than the best organisation tool. Document your information and data right and these organisation tools will make your business processes more efficient and seamless!

That’s it from us! Do let us know in the comments on what other topics on business/start-ups that you want us to talk about. Be sure to follow us @themeetupsg on Instagram for our upcoming blog posts!