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3 Ways To Save Money For Your Corporate Event

With life back to normal after the pandemic, organisations can finally have in-person corporate events again. Whether it’s a professional conference, team building day or a dinner and dance, it all starts with a budget and a plan. Sometimes, we just find ourselves working with a small budget but that doesn’t mean your event can’t be successful and enjoyable.


While it’s completely possible to organise a smooth event on a tight budget, it’s important to be reasonable about it. Extravagant entertainment and an extensive menu may be great experiences but most of the time, it’s not possible to execute them on a small budget. We’re all about planning events on a tight budget and we want you to execute your plans successfully, so here are some tips for a low-cost corporate event.


Tip 1: Use an Existing Venue
We won’t lie, venue rental can be high as hotels and convention halls all come with a hefty price tag. Your venue could be your largest expense so it’s great if you can reduce your expenditure here. The best solution is to secure an existing venue that is easy to book like a space in your office, which can come free of charge.


Of course, this also depends on the scale of your event and if you require a bigger location, you might consider hiring an event management team. While getting an event planner comes with an added cost, these professionals are also experienced in planning events with varying budgets. You won’t have to waste time sourcing locations as it’ll be the job of these professionals to find a venue within your budget. At the end of the day, you still get to cut costs on the event venue.


Tip 2: Manage Event Registration on Your Own
Event registration is such an essential step in event planning especially if you’re hosting a corporate event like a conference where you’re expecting multiple professional attendees. You’ll want your attendees to register through a user-friendly online portal that’ll give you access to any relevant information like email addresses and mobile numbers.


You can save some dollars by setting this up yourself through an event registration website like Eventbrite or even Google Forms for a small-scale event. While Google Forms is free, it may require sending out manual emails. Sites like Eventbrite are automated but also come with paid plans for priced events.


Tip 3: Have a High-tea Reception Instead of a Buffet
This is a pretty smart trick if you want to keep your corporate event within budget. Instead of serving your guests a wide-spread lunch buffet, hold your event in the late afternoon and serve your attendees high tea. Buffets burn a hole in the pocket but high tea sets are smaller yet refined bites that cost a fraction of the price.


Hire an Event Planner in Singapore for Your Low-budget Events
Planning a low-budget event is arguably more stressful than a big-budget one. When working with minimal cash, sourcing affordable options becomes more time-consuming. This requires a lot more logistical work within your team, which can take away from your everyday job.


Invest in an event planner in Singapore if you need an extra hand. These professional planners are experienced in working with all budgets so you’re bound to save some extra cash on your corporate event. Get in contact with us and tell us your needs so we can plan the perfect occasion within your budget.