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3 Must-Have Fringe Activities For Your Next Event

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a carnival or a birthday celebration, you’ll want your guests to have a ball of a time! This starts with having different types of entertainment at the event to keep your guests engaged.


Some common examples of engaging activities include emcees at a dinner and dance, a live band or an entertainment act like a dance troop. While all of these ideas are exciting, they aren’t particularly unique.


If you want your event to stand out, you’ve got to think outside the box. There are so many other ways to get your audience involved. So here are some of our favorite fringe activity ideas that have made our past events a blast for everyone.


1. Caricature artist

There are a lot of fringe activities for kids but adults can sometimes get bored especially at corporate events. A caricature artist is a perfect balance for both parents and children to be entertained. It’s an amusing piece of art that can also be taken home, doubling up as a corporate gift!


Caricature artists are great at their job and they take around 5-7 minutes to create one piece, which means your guests won’t be bored for long. Having an art piece to bring home that can be kept forever also makes your event even more memorable for your guests. Everyone loves a little personalized touch and these caricature pieces do the trick.


2. Airbrush tattoo and face painting

You can argue event planning for children is a lot trickier because it’s harder to grab the attention of these kiddos. Face painting and airbrush tattoos are always a huge hit with children at kid’s parties or even at corporate family day events.


These artists can create personalized face art for kids with different interests from Marvel superheroes to magical princesses. These tattoos and face paints also use pigments that are safe for kids and they’re done pretty quickly so the kids won’t feel restless in the painting chair.


3. Live food stations

Every event has to include a food spread because who doesn’t love some yummy snacks? While food on its own is enjoyable, you can take it up a notch by making it a whole experience from visuals to taste.


Carnival snacks are especially fun like cotton candy machines where you can watch your cotton candy stick forming in a kaleidoscopic swirl. Or your guests can watch chefs in their element cooking dessert crepes or even local roti pratas right in front of their eyes!


Hire An Event Planner In Singapore To Plan Your Unique Fringe Activities


For a little spice to your events, an exciting fringe activity will make the occasion extra memorable and entertaining. At TheMeetUpSG, we’ve worked with companies like Rakuten and Great Eastern to organise caricature artists, drum and dance performances and even flair bartending. For an extra hand at event management, get in touch with us and we’ll be sure to take your next corporate event up a notch!