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3 Events to Show Appreciation For Your Employees

It’s always nice to feel appreciated, doesn’t it? At a company, your employees are the foundation of its success. Happy and motivated workers always create better results. Showing appreciation to them can boost their morale and also improve employee retention, which are all plus points for an organization.


Not all appreciation has to come in the form of monetary incentives though. In fact, most employees appreciate non-monetary forms that feel more genuine. The most common and popular employee appreciation event is a dinner and dance. While they’re great fun, there are many other events where you can show appreciation and encourage team bonding as well.


Here are some ideas to get you started for your next employee appreciation day!


1. Company Retreat

Who doesn’t love a short getaway? Planning a holiday for your employees will definitely make them feel appreciated! Besides relaxing and unwinding, having them together to celebrate your organisation’s achievements and efforts is an excellent form of team building.


We won’t lie, event planning for a retreat does require you to start booking the logistics in advance, especially when it’s overseas. You’ll have to consider the venue, lodging, transportation, catering as well as planning activities your team can do together. A retreat like this makes a great team bonding experience outside the office and allows your employees to make memories that they’ll cherish forever.


2. Family Day

Your hardworking employees may sometimes be away from their families during crunch time. Organising a family day for your team can show that you understand the importance of family while also showing your appreciation for your employees’ hard work. Family day also encourages work-life balance through a full day of fun activities and team building experiences.


Family day planning starts with venue ideas and activities to keep the families entertained. These events usually include some form of family-friendly activities like painting or rock climbing and of course, yummy food!


3. Appreciation Night Dinner

While most appreciation dinners are corporate events like D&Ds, your organisation can also choose to have a casual and boozy night of fun! Instead of formal ballrooms, party at a bar or even the beach.


These appreciation nights are also filled with games, prizes and award presentations to acknowledge the great work your team has done. Having a night to allow your employees to let loose helps build stronger bonds within the team and encourages collaboration in the workplace.


Hire an Event Planner in Singapore for Your Next Employee Appreciation Day


Employee appreciation days are such fun to plan especially with the range of games and entertainment to pick from!


We organized Coca Cola’s family day at Universal Studios Singapore where we included activity booths for face painting and of course, a full day of adrenaline rides. Pernod Ricard also treated their team to a retreat to Batam where we planned a getaway full of booze, food, fun and games!


Give your team the appreciation they deserve and get in touch with us for all your event management needs!