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3 Event Planning Mistakes to Avoid for Your Programme Flow

Planning an event can be really challenging when you have to think of the budget, the logistics and how to ensure your guests have a great time. Of course, we like to make all our events memorable, which comes down to a successful programme flow.


Certain events have a packed schedule that includes speeches, meals and games. A strategic flow can make or break the occasion. As an event planner in Singapore, we’ve come across events that aren’t well thought out and have a disruptive flow. These mistakes are very common among those who are planning their own events.


To make sure your next event flows smoothly, here are some of the most common programme flow mistakes we’ve noticed that you can learn from to make your occasion a blast.


1. Don’t End The Event With Emotional Speeches

During farewell or appreciation corporate events, it’s common to have a sentimental speech that tugs at the crowd’s heartstrings. While it’s all very touching, a lot of people tend to schedule it at the very end of their event and that really dampens the mood.


While you can still have your emotional speech, don’t keep it till the end. Instead, plan something ultra fun right after the speech and end it off with a bang. We personally love planning games or a fun activity that brings the crowd together and encourages team bonding. Our favorite picks are mass dances or a singing battle — they always do the trick to end the party on a high.


2. Don’t Serve Food Too Early Into the Event

The timing of your food service can also affect the rest of your event. If you’ve planned games and activities where your guests need to be engaged, it’s best to fit in your food service timing after your activity.


Guests tend to feel a little lethargic after a meal and many of them might try to opt out of your planned activities if it’s scheduled after lunch. If you’re having an interactive session during your corporate event, start off the day with that and then move on to your lunch spread.


3. Make Sure to Have Prizes for Your Games

Games do a great job at livening up a crowd. However, some guests may not feel enticed to participate so a great tip is to add some incentives to your games. You can include a little prize like a gift voucher or a portable charger for your game winners. Especially if it’s a team building activity, you’ll want to bring each team together by creating a competitive spirit that makes your game sessions so much more engaging and fun.


Hire an Events Planner in Singapore For a Smooth Programme Flow

Event planning is a huge responsibility and the pressure of guests having a good time is always high. At TheMeetUpSG, we take that burden off you so you can focus on what is important while we do the rest. We plan and coordinate events from sourcing vendors to brainstorming the full programme flow. Get in touch with us if you need an extra hand at making your next event one to be remembered.