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3 Decorations To DIY For Your Next Event

1. Number Standee

It’s common to have mega-sized number signs for birthday parties. Some might go with the extra large number of balloons while others would prefer a decorated number of standees instead. However, these decorated standees can come at a high price. One way you can cut costs on it is by getting a plain number standee and decorating it yourself. There is a range of decoration elements you can choose from to decorate your standees. The perk of this DIY project is that you are free to customize it to your event’s theme.


2. Ostrich Feathers

For any corporate event, an essential decoration is the table centerpieces. One of the most aesthetically pleasing centerpieces is florals and ostrich feathers. With that being said, it is often difficult to get ostrich feathers for your event within budget. These pieces can cost as high as $40 to $50 per piece. As an alternative, we would suggest getting normal feathers of your choice and bundling them up to be put in a vase for your centerpiece. The x factor of this DIY project is that you would be able to get feathers of different sizes, shades, and designs to get a unique design.


3. Photo-Booth Props

In most corporate events, a photo booth is imperative to freeze the moment in time. These photo booths come with their props. However, these props are usually the generic ones that may not be in line with your event theme. Moreover, adding customized photobooth props usually comes at an added cost. You can easily avoid this by DIY-ing your props.


Other than obviously being able to cut your expenditure for your decorations, another perk that comes with DIY-ing your decorations is that you would be able to enjoy the event on a more personal level, having been contributing your time and effort to make it come alive. It makes your event more special and brings more value to it. You are not limited to only DIY-ing your decorations. The possibilities are perpetual.