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3 Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Events in 2023

No one wants to plan an event that isn’t remembered by their guests. But how do you grab the attention of your attendees and make sure your occasion is talked about even after the celebrations have ended? Our answer: door gifts.


Corporate gifts can make a lasting impression on your company, but it can also get tricky. It isn’t just a gift for a single person that’s personalised to them. Instead, you have to hand it out to a whole crowd that has to appreciate the gift no matter their interest. So you’ll want your gift to be something useful that everyone needs and can use.


When they’re using your gift, you want your event or company to always be in the back of their minds. A corporate gift shows appreciation to your guests, but it can also be used as a marketing tool, especially if you include your company customisation to the item. If you want to add an extra sparkle to your event day, here are some door gift ideas for your corporate event in 2023.


1. Eco cutlery set

If you’re looking for something that can be used for a long time, cutlery is your answer. Everyone needs cutlery when they’re eating, which makes eco-cutlery sets a timeless and lasting corporate gift.


These sets are portable and are useful for takeaway lunches or even home use. Especially since we’re moving into a more eco-conscious climate, wooden cutlery and metal straws help the earth while still being functional. To make your mark on these corporate gifts, you can easily customize them with your company stamp.


2. Mini Fan

In a hot and humid country like Singapore, a fan is always appreciated. This makes mini fans a corporate gift that your guests will always be grateful for. These mini fans are sometimes battery-operated. More recently, they can be charged through a USB outlet, making them even more long-lasting.


They’re easy to carry around and small enough to pop into a bag. Of course, you can customize it with a printed logo as a marketing strategy as well.


3. Handphone stand

In our digital age, mobile phones have become a necessity that we carry with us at all times. So it’s almost a no-brainer to gift your guests a mobile phone accessory like a handphone stand. It’s an especially popular gift for a corporate event because professionals can get a lot of use out of a handphone stand.


With remote working, you’ll never miss a call or an email with your phone propped up on the desk. Video calls on your phone become more efficient, especially since your hands are free to take notes. With many different uses of a handphone stand, it gets an immediate thumbs-up from us.


Hire An Event Management Team To Brainstorm The Best Corporate Gifts For Your Event

As an event planner in Singapore, we’re here to make sure your guests have a blast at your events but we don’t just stop there. We want you to be remembered, so we’ve helped our clients make their mark with their very own corporate gifts. From customised handphone stands to marble coasters, we do it all. If you don’t know where to start with planning your event, get in touch with us and we’ll take the heavy load off your hands.