10 Things to NOT do when planning Birthday Events🚫

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Majority of you are aware of the services we provide and that we go above and beyond to meet our customers’ expectations for any type of event. When it comes to Birthday Events, we are even more careful due to the several requests of our beloved customers that we have to take note of. Also, this ensures that we do not run into any hiccups on the actual day!

In this article, we will share some insights and some key information that you REALLY need to know when planning for a smooth and joyous Birthday Event. Don’t worry, we are not perfectionists too so let’s learn together, shall we? ;)

Definitely, all of us want our birthday events to go as smooth as possible. Hence, we have to take certain factors into greater consideration to guide us into planning a memorable event. However, we should also take note of what we should not be doing while planning a birthday event.

Here are the 10 Things to NOT do when planning Birthday Events:

1. The golden rule is to never plan an event at the last minute, that’s a big NO!

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Planning an event too close to the date can make you panic with all the nitty gritty details that you have to organise. Also, you might miss out on important components of an event.

2. Ordering your FOOD a few days before the event is a bad idea.

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Food and desserts play a key role in birthday events. Ordering food at the last minute is not a good idea as caterers might already have orders on the same day and you might not be able to find a suitable caterer for your event. Remember to order in advance! P.S. We also do Catering! DM us for more info, by clicking here.

3. Do not decide on the VENUE after the entire planning of the event.

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The location of a birthday event helps picture the aesthetics and theme for an event! The birthday decorations and theme should match accordingly to the venue. Deciding the venue after the event might result in you having to scrap what you have planned before, which means wasted time!

4. Always never depend on only one SUPPLIER for your quotes and credibility.

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If that one supplier backed out on you at the last minute, it would be difficult for you to find a similar caterer that fit the theme of the party. Always have your alternatives and backup plans in case of emergency like us - TheMeetUpSG ;)

5. Do not neglect the selection of the appropriate GUESTS for your event.

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Choosing the wrong guests can lead to unhappiness and unwanted tension during your event.

6. Never send INVITATIONS to guests when you’re only TWO weeks away from the event.

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It is true that family and close friends would want to be there at the birthday event. However, everyone has their own commitments and responsibilities. It is important to send out invitations early to reserve their time on their calendar so that they don’t make plans beforehand! P.S. If you want to learn more about how you can design your own E-invitation, check out our other blog post, “How to Design an E-invitation”!

7. Never lose sight of your BUDGET as it acts as your main guideline for purchases.

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We all want the events that we throw to be perfect and glamorous. However, remember to take note of the price tags. You wouldn’t want to spend unnecessary amounts of money on just one event!

8. The birthday cake is a must at birthdays. Never order the CAKE when it is only less than a MONTH to the event.

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What is a birthday event without the birthday cake? Order it in advance as some cake designs can be very elaborate and complex, which requires more time to bake and design it.

9. Do not COUNT ON the main plan only as BACKUP plans are crucial too!

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It is common for plans to not go the way that you envision in your mind. Remember to have plan B and even plan C, so that you will still be prepared to throw a great birthday event when things don’t go your way.

10. Never notify your required LOGISTICS when you are only two weeks away from the event.

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Similar to catering, the logistics and decorations that you want might be rented or booked by others if you decide to enquire about it too close to the event. Hence, always enquire them earlier. P.S We also do Decor Rental, click here for more information!

The main reason why these 10 things are not encouraged during Birthday Events is that event planners, like us, require a good amount of time to ensure that the goals and expectations are met for every event.

Additionally, event planners are usually not handling only 1 event but many (we can never assume how many)! Moreover, the planning has to be thoroughly pitched so that the event can run successfully without any hiccups. At the end of the day, all we want is to create memorable events for our clients! With that, we hope that these tips gave you a better understanding and awareness of the things to note when planning for your special and favourite events! On the other hand, check out TheMeetUpSG for our event planning service for birthday events!

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