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Just Marketing Co. was founded in March 2020 as a marketing agency cum consultancy. The start-up specialises in workshop training and digital marketing. Just Marketing Co. is also the sister company of TheMeetUpSG ; an events management company founded in 2017.

Just Marketing Co. has a vibrant and dynamic team that will engage your audience and turn them into potential customers with the right strategy. It believes in helping you grow your company ground - up by improving and establishing your brand identity.

Services We Offer











Effective Marketing Management

  • Creation and Management of all Social Media Accounts & Website

  • Content Creation

  • Designing of Collaterals

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Interaction with users to increase Consumer Engagement 

Branding Consultancy

  • Extensive Audit on Business

  • Re-evaluation of Brand Identity

  • Consult existing implementations

  • Develop Action Plan

  • Resources and Tools Advisory

  • Quarterly One to One Review

Workshop Training

  • Email Marketing Today

  • Content Creation ft Blogs

  • Visuals for Business with Graphic Design

  • 4 Chapters of Unlocking Social Media 

  • 101 Website Hacks

  • SEO How To

  • Uncover your Brand Identity

  • Entrepreneurship Journey

  • PodCast vs Youtube


Just Marketing Co. is open to marketing and partnership opportunities. Click on the link below to view our partnership deck!

Workshops We Provide

Unlocking Social Media

Chapter 1: Facebook
Chapter 2: Instagram
Chapter 3: LinkedIn
Chapter 4: Snapchat, Tik Tok + Pinterest

Web Development

101 Website Hacks
Google Analytics
Google Adsense 

SEO How-To

Google Keywords

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